BCS Internet of things working group event

April 2013

As the cost of devices and networking continues to fall, the realisation of the concept of the internet of things, integrating the virtual world of information and the real world of objects becomes increasingly feasible.

The exploitation of large volumes of data from networks of sensors and other connected devices is already happening in sectors such as transport, industrial process management, healthcare, energy supply and environmental control.

With such significant technology-based change in prospect, BCS has a role in promoting public debate and expressing a professional view to government on policy relating to the Internet of Things. The BCS Internet of Things Working Group has been set up to advice on how that role should be carried out and to report in the early summer.

This seminar marks the beginning of the process for members to join the debate. Gary Atkinson, Director of Embedded Marketing at ARM set the scene by presenting a strategic view of how the internet of things is expected to develop, and Chris Yapp FBCS, author of the BCS Futures blog and a member of the BCS IoT working group, presented the group's emerging thinking.

The event ended with a Q&A session.

Introduction - Jeremy Crump

ARM Part 1 - Gary Atkinson

ARM Part 2 - Gary Atkinson

Chris Yapp - Part 1

Chris Yapp - Part 2

Q&A - Part 1

Q&A - Part 2

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