Lovelace Colloquium 2014

May 2014

BCS Press Officer, Amanda Matheson recently attended the Lovelace Colloquium at Reading University and spoke to a number of the attendees and organisers regarding their involvement with the event and about their own perceptions of women working in the IT arena.

Hannah Dee, Lecturer at University of Aberystwyth

Dr Yota Dimitriadi, Lecturer in ICT and Computer Science in Education, Reading University

Heather Ellis, Student of Applied Computing, University of Dundee

Hannah Gilbert, Student at Sheffield Hallam University

Rachel McCrindle, Professor of Computing and Human Interaction, University of Reading

Eleanor Mitchell, Student at the University of Bath

Kaushalya Kularatnam, Masters student at the University of Oxford

Alexandra Williams, Student at the University of Bath

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    John Rendall wrote on 25th Jun 2014

    Hey, thank you, this is an interesting and useful resource. I like the "bonus material" for those who watch the last one all the way through...

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