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December 2016


IDC surveys companies using IBM Networking Services and finds them achieving significant value and an average of 322% ROI on their investments over five years.

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IDC spoke with 10 companies using IBM Networking Services to support their networking and datacenter IT and business operations. According to IT managers at these companies, they are leveraging IBM Networking Services to make their day-to-day IT and business operations more efficient and to drive organisational IT initiatives. IDC found that these companies are achieving significant value through their investment in IBM Networking Services and projects that they will earn an average return on investment (ROI) of 322% over five years because IBM Networking Services:

  • Improve IT staff efficiency, particularly for network-related responsibilities
  • Make networks more reliable and robust, reducing the impact of downtime on operations and the business
  • Reduce network hardware and datacenter costs through best practices, consolidation, and provisioning
  • Increase business agility with improved application development based on reducing the time to deploy network capabilities

In addition, a number of interviewed companies reported that they are using IBM Networking Services to support other important IT initiatives, such as cloud deployments, big data analytics and mobility initiatives, and datacenter consolidation efforts.

Download the white paper


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