Digital T Level Programmes with BCS

At BCS we support three digital T Levels that are specially created for young people who are looking for a future in working in digital. These include:

digital business services

digital production, design and development

digital support and services

Our Digital T Levels support programme

Contextualises and enriches your digital curriculum

Our programme provides unrivalled access to resources which enrich your curriculum, whether that be lesson plans, presentations, industry-led projects or webinars delivered by major employers. Providing industry-leading context around learning supports students in gaining a much broader understanding, ensuring their readiness for real world scenarios. Add depth, breadth and insight to your students’ learning experience with resources straight from the industry linking the curriculum to an employer mindset. Providers have unlimited access to our ever-growing library of over 170 downloadable resources.


Social media content creation competition – Employer-set project
Creative thinking for DPDD

Develops professional behaviours and skills

Our programme has more than just the curriculum in-mind, we support students in obtaining the professional behaviours and skills required within a modern workplace. With access to professional skills learning modules, employer-led webinars, and other resources designed to prepare students for placements and beyond, you are able to educate your students in these vital skills and prepare them for a successful career. In addition, we work with our partners to develop employer-set projects, the briefs of which allow students to practice their skills in real-life working scenarios.


IBM placement success video
How to navigate workplace communication

Supports staff professional development

Our programme isn’t limited to the classroom, we assist you in identifying and completing appropriate CPD activities to enhance your knowledge of digital. As a professional member of BCS, you will gain access to a myriad of activities that contribute towards your CPD, furthering your knowledge of a fast-moving digital industry. Our CPD offerings include online courses, exclusive webinars and more. Professional development with BCS is not only an effective way to develop your skills and competence, it demonstrates a commitment to use those skills and knowledge to make a real and positive difference.


Learn more about the benefits of RITTech
BCS’ CPD guide

Demonstrates credibility through the digital professional body

Aligning your T-Level curriculum with the digital professional body will help promote the qualification to parents and students, as well as providing confidence to placement employers. To achieve this, we provide four years’ free BCS membership for all of your students, free professional registration for your students, free BCS membership and RITTech professional standard registration for one of your staff members. In addition, you can have your curriculum accredited by BCS (for a small additional fee).


Making IT good for society - Discover your IT impact
Why you should become a BCS Member

Broadens your industry insight

Through our network of more than 70,000 members, our programme enables you to keep your finger on the pulse and interact with digital professionals. Get invited to employer-led webinars and masterclasses offering exclusive insights and valuable touch points with key people and organisations across the technology industry. In addition, you have the ability to interact with digital professionals in one of our dozens of branches that span the UK, which are great places to make new contacts and stay up to date with developments in your region. You can also choose to join one or more of over 50 specialist interest groups where members share discussion, ideas and enthusiasm for their chosen subject.


Get ahead in Digital Week 2023 webinar – BAE AI industry insights and application
Explore our membership communities

Enhances your careers education

Our programme’s comprehensive approach focuses not only on skill development but also on providing robust support for careers education. We believe that equipping students with the right knowledge and guidance is crucial for their long-term professional growth. Our programme offers a dedicated section that specifically caters to digital careers education. Whether your students are exploring different career paths within the world of digital, looking for guidance on industry trends, or seeking assistance in crafting an effective resume, our support programme has you covered.


BCS careers handbook
Understanding the transition from student to employee

“We use the competition to develop students' team working skills in preparation for industry placement, and it’s great for my students to work with industry on a project and the chance of winning a prize and improving their CV at the same time"

Mr Neil Tiddy, Curriculum Leader
IT and Computing Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form


We’re happy to announce that the programme is once again being subsidised for the 2023 cohorts to continue to allow as many training providers and their students to access industry expertise, competitions, and subsequent follow-on support.

Cohort year Price (per cohort*) T Level provider support until BCS support for students until
September 2023 £500 + VAT 2025 2027

* Maximum of 20 students per cohort. 

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