BCS is a registered apprenticeship assessment organisation

We’re dedicated to the IT industry and were the first to deliver the EPA process from start to finish for the new digital apprenticeship standards.

What is end-point assessment?

End-point assessment (EPA) is the process for assessing the apprenticeship standards in England. Your apprentice needs to pass their EPA to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

There’s an assessment plan for each standard which sets out the approach and the components of the EPA - for digital apprenticeship standards these include a summative portfolio, synoptic project, employer reference, and an interview.

As the employer, you need to select an independent end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) to deliver end-point assessment for your apprentices. Your EPAO will have designed and developed their own content and assessment processes to meet the requirements of the standard.

How to prepare for EPA

As your apprentice nears the end of their training, you’ll decide when they are ready to be assessed.

The EPA process allows your apprentice to show what they’ve learnt, how they understand their role and the knowledge they’ve picked up so far. It's made up of the following elements:

Summative portfolio

Your apprentice will create a portfolio throughout the programme which includes evidence of their best work and demonstrates their knowledge, skills and behaviours in the real working environment.

Synoptic project

Your apprentice is required to complete a business-related project over 3-5 days, away from their normal place of work and in a controlled environment.

In most cases we'll offer a choice of work-based scenarios allowing you to select the most appropriate project.

Employer reference

You'll need to write a reference about your apprentice's performance in the workplace and how they've applied their knowledge, skills and behaviours.


Following our review of your apprentice's portfolio, project and employer reference, we'll arrange a final interview with your apprentice. We'll be looking for further evidence to establish their final grade - pass, merit or distinction.

The interview usually lasts between one to two hours.

Choosing your end-point assessment organisation

EPA needs to be carried out by an independent assessor, someone who doesn’t work for you or your training provider.

We assess all 13 digital apprenticeship standards and our assessors are industry experts recruited from our professional membership community. They're trained to put your apprentices at ease and get the best out of them.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about apprenticeship end-point assessment, our dedicated digital apprenticeship team is happy to help.