PROMS-G AGM followed by talk from Martin Paver.

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Data-driven project delivery is rapidly becoming a reality. It will disrupt a wide range of roles and reinvent how we deliver projects. But how are you and your organisation getting ready for it? Is it a case of adapt or become obsolete?

We’ll recap on the vision then give some insights into current status. We’ll cover everything from the cross-sector Project Data Analytics Task Force to data trusts, providing implementation examples throughout and giving inspiration on how you may be able to get involved.

In the webinar Martin Paver, Founder of Projecting Success will share insights from his journey of working at the forefront of project data analytics.

Martin PaverAbout the speaker

Martin Paver is the CEO and Founder of Projecting Success, a consultancy that specialises in leveraging project data to transform project delivery; from high end strategic consultancy through to apprentice training. He has led a $1bn megaproject and a multi $billion portfolio office. He is the founder of the Project Data Analytics community, comprising ~6,000 members who share a passion for leveraging the exhaust plume of project data. He is helping to lead the charge for disruptive change.

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Webinar: Disrupting Project Management - Are you ready?
Date and time
Wednesday 21 October, 6:15pm - 8:00pm
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