This webinar gives an insight to NATO's innovation and emerging and disruptive technologies in defence.


Host: Chiara Rustici - Chair BCS Law SG
Edward Hunter Christie, Deputy Head, NATO Innovation Unit


18:30 - Chair's overview of key International Law issues of net-centric warfare

18:45 - NATO's innovation and emerging and disruptive technologies in defence

19:15 - Q&A

20:00 - Wrap up


International security questions, including cyber threats, are increasingly driven by Great Power competition, notably the US-China rivalry, as well as Russia's enduring potential threat to European security. At the same time, emerging and disruptive technologies, in particular AI, are transforming everything we do, in both the civilian and military spheres. All of the major powers in the international system are pursuing AI in the area of defence. In the context of hybrid warfare, new technologies may also deepen existing challenges to traditional rules on the use of force in International Law, and to the very distinction between military and civilian goals, methods and targets. For defence and security purposes, Western nations have an interest in actively pursuing the adoption of new technologies, in order to be able to deter potential adversaries - while also ensuring that this is done in line with Western values and with existing commitments under International Law.

About the speaker

Edward helps lead the Innovation Unit at NATO Headquarters. An experienced public policy expert, with 20 years of work experience, he has held a succession of roles in research, industry, EU affairs, and NATO. His current work focuses on the development of NATO policies regarding Emerging and Disruptive Technologies and their effective adoption for defence-related applications in the NATO context.

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Webinar: Everyday cybersecurity, emerging and disruptive technologies
Date and time
Thursday 10 September, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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