Is quality just expected and complained about when missing? Make sure everyone, understands and works to your organisational expectations.

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Most common management techniques have not solved the problems of delivering quality products on time and in budget. Since Frederick Taylor's days, measurements have been implemented to control the wrong things and hinder progress, efficiency and continual improvement. It is time to move on from management by metrics and start developing organisation-wide leadership skills that allow continued competitiveness and growth.

Many things have changed over the past couple of years in management, but quality remains paramount to success. Unfortunately, quality is something that is rarely appropriately correctly defined, documented or communicated – it is just something that is expected and complained about when it is not satisfactory. How do you define quality? How can you make sure that everyone, whether remote or local understands, supports, and works according to your organisational quality needs and principles?

Vitruvian quality is a coordinated, approach to understanding and promoting quality within an organisation and ensuring that everyone has the same understanding and is pulling in the same direction. Your future depends on it.

Peter Leeson will present his ideas on why metrics, processes and standards have led to the opposite of what they promised. He will also outline the basic manifesto for "Vitruvian Quality" and the need to ensure that quality can be created through job satisfaction and life balance.

About the speaker

Peter Leeson

Peter Leeson has 45 years of global experience, helping organisations of all sizes and cultures to improve and plan for the unexpected. His international background has made him one of the people most likely to understand, accept and work within the cultural variations of nations and businesses.

He has gone through the successive fads and fashions of various management and technological techniques, seen their benefits and their downfalls, from structured programming to DevOps. For many years, he worked as a lead appraiser and instructor for CMMI and as a visiting scientist for Carnegie Mellon University – in that capacity, he has had the opportunity to work with different organisations and cultures through five continents. He is a regular and recognised speaker at international conferences and the author of the book Orchestrated Knowledge as well as guides on the implementation of ISO standards intelligently.

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Webinar: BCS Quality SG presents Vitruvian Quality
Date and time
Wednesday 27 October, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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