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The speakers will discuss their campaign to reform the UK’s Computer Misuse Act, and present a recent report they published that puts forward a principles-based approach for the application of a statutory defence in the legislation.

The report can be accessed here.

About the speakers

Kat Sommer is Head of Public Affairs, NCC Group

Kat leads on the global cyber and software resilience provider’s political engagement, government relations and policy lobbying work, educating policy-makers on cyber security and internal audiences on political developments and priorities, and shaping the business’s operating environment.

Kat has an international understanding having studied in Germany and the Netherlands, and worked in Argentina, Brussels and Strasbourg before settling in the UK. She takes a keen interest in the way the public and private sectors collaborate to improve cyber resilience, and continues passionately to advocate for reform of the UK’s Computer Misuse Act 1990 to better protect cyber security and threat intelligence researchers.

She is equally passionate about the global trends that inform how governments and businesses respond to cyber security challenges in an ever evolving interconnected world.

Tom Darling is a Senior Account Manager, Tendo Consulting, a political and communications consultancy

Tom specialises in delivering high-impact and media-driven public affairs campaigns. Recent examples of successful campaigns he has coordinated include a campaign to halt the roll out of Smart Motorways – carried out on behalf of the rescue and recovery industry; as well as campaign to change the way that explosive ordnance is cleared from the seafloor to make way for windfarms.

He has worked on the CyberUp Campaign since 2019, helping move the issue up the political agenda to secure the first major review of the Computer Misuse Act in its 32-year history.

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Webinar: CyberUp campaign: Protecting legitimate cyber security activity
Date and time
Wednesday 9 February, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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