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  • Webinar: Harnessing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at Tata Steel

This is a joint BCS presentation with South West Wales branch of the IET.

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  • Lee Bennett
  • Gavin Ambridge


Tata Steel are building an Asset Management and Diagnostic Centre (AMDC). It harnesses real-time data collection from Plant Information systems and wireless vibration sensors on sites across the UK, combined in a real time private cloud database, analysed by OEMs and specialist AI companies using secure APIs with results fed back and integrated with daily engineering reporting for the teams managing the assets.

The emergence of IIoT sensors has brought IoT to industrial applications. New organizational approaches have also expanded the strategic landscape: Plant asset management combines the operational and economic significance of equipment data, enabling the efficient, systematic management of industrial systems in harmony with business goals.

IoT has yet to become the norm – and IIoT is still in its infancy. The fundamentals – sensor and automation technology, analytics enhanced by AI and machine learning, IT/OT convergence, and agile, holistic models – can be seen today. However, implementing these sweeping changes at scale will take time.

IIoT sensors are industrial sensors with integrated sensor and computing functions that are connected to larger systems via wireless communications technology. They are a key part of the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

IIoT transforms not only individual plants and systems but also the entire organization into a cohesive unit that is intelligently connected at all times. The result is an extreme degree of agility, integration, and data exploitation that makes IIoT sensors a strong driver of digital transformation.

  • This presentation will provide an overview of the AMDC system.
  • How the use of IIOT sensors can be integrated with legacy industrial plant to improve availability of assets demonstrating value in use.
  • Cyber Security Considerations
  • Data Collection and Analysis techniques
  • Online demonstration of the data in use and visual representation.
  • Future opportunities and Vision
  • Q&A

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Webinar: Harnessing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at Tata Steel
Date and time
Wednesday 29 March, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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