BT Security Showcase Zero Trust, AI and Security, Security by Design, Future Proofing the Internet: PQC and BT Security Innovation Hub.


10:00am - Arrival and Coffee
10:30am - Introduction: Rob Wilson (BT) and Steve Sands (BCS ISSG Chair)
10:40am - Telco Approach to Zero Trust (Dave Harcourt)
11:20am - AI and Security (Alfie Beard)
12:00pm - Practical Secure by Design (Dean Taylor)
12:40pm - Lunch and Networking
13:50pm - Future-Proofing the Internet: Navigating the Post-Quantum Cryptography Landscape (Dr Ali Sajjad)
14:30pm - BT Security Innovation Hub (Dr Ruhma Tahir)
15:10pm - Coffee and Networking
16:00pm - Event close


The event will cover:- Approach to Zero Trust Zero Trust architectures, what they are and why they are important, and share insights on adoption within a Telco.

AI and Security:- AI is embedded in every aspects of our lives, dictating what we see and how we behave. Developed astutely it can be a huge force for good, however it also poses catastrophic risks.

This talk will explore some of the latest advancements in AI and relevant security considerations, BT's cutting-edge research on applying AI to cybersecurity and breakdown some of the wider risks posed to our security by AI.

Practical Secure by Design BT carries out thousands of digital, networks and IT deliveries every year. Building secure-by-design into these deliveries is essential to a strong overall security posture. In this talk, we’ll explore how to manage secure-by-design at an enterprise scale and how driving a consistent mindset is a major ingredient for success.

Future-Proofing the Internet: Navigating the Post-Quantum Cryptography Landscape As the dawn of quantum computing threatens the foundations of current encryption methods, this talk highlights the urgency of transitioning to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) to protect our digital infrastructure. The talk will explore how organisations like BT could pioneer the integration of PQC into their services, addressing the technological and operational hurdles this shift entails. It also unpacks the complexities of PQC, including the challenges of integrating it into our current digital infrastructure. The talk lays out a roadmap for businesses and policymakers alike, aiming to secure our digital communications against quantum threats.

Security Innovation Hub BT is set to open the Security Innovation Hub at its research headquarters in Adastral Park. The Security Innovation Hub is poised to become a cornerstone for cybersecurity innovation and collaboration between businesses, government entities, and cybersecurity experts. Join us for this session, as we talk about a future, where the Security Innovation Hub’s open innovation ecosystem will enable us as a society to develop more robust defenses against the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow.

About the speakers

Dave Harcourt - BT Chief Security Authority and Automation Director

A highly experienced Cyber Security Director influencing strategy in cyber security within BT, telecoms industry, and across UK government. Responsible for setting security direction across BT and driving security automation in a mission to make security simple and easy to implement and manage. Dave leads the teams responsibility for BT’s Security Enterprise Architecture, Secure by Design consultancy, security transformation stories and industry security engagement. Dave has over 20 years experience in security of leading edge networking and IT technologies and can work effectively with technical and non-technical teams. Prior roles save Dave responsible for systems engineering to support core Networks operations across the UK across multiple technology stacks. Dave is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (FCIIS), a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET), and graduated from Aston University with a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electronic Systems Engineering In addition to his role in BT, Dave is an ambassador for the Global Cyber Alliance and an advisor to StopScamUK. Driving to improve security for our customers and helping to address security on a global basis.

Alfie Beard is a Research Manager in BT's security research team. Previously completing a Masters in Maths at the University of Bath, with a keen interest in applied mathematics. Presently he leads on BT's automated security response research, in particular looking at the question of how we can apply AI to create tools which can better defend our networks. As part of this he leads Inflame, BT's automated security response prototype, where he's training AI to learn to play the "game" of cybersecurity defence.

Dean Taylor is the Senior Manager for the Security Consultancy practice. An engineer and problem solver at heart, Dean has 12 years experience in senior Cyber Security roles and a lot longer in Design, Architecture and Core Networks.

Dr Ali Sajjad has a PhD in Information Security from University of London. He works as a Research Manager in British Telecomm’s global research headquarters in Ipswich, where he has led the R&D of cloud-native data encryption and intrusion prevention services. Currently, he is leading projects investigating the impact of the emerging threat of quantum computers to modern asymmetric cryptography by evaluating some promising Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) technologies and building proofs-of-concepts in this space.

Dr. Ruhma Tahir is leading the creation of the Security Innovation Hub at BT. She has a passion for research and technology commercialization, where she aims to bridge the gap between research and practice. She is also an entrepreneur and a cyber security specialist, with several years of experience working in the Cyber Security sector - designing and developing cutting edge security solutions. Ruhma holds a PhD in Information Security from University of Essex. She co-founded SensiChain – an outcome of her Postdoctoral work at University of Essex.

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BT security showcase day at Adastral Park
Date and time
Thursday 25 April, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Adastral Park
Barrack Square
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