What is RITTech?

It’s the independent competency standard for technical professionals which recognises the vital work you do to build and maintain our digital world.

And RITTech stands for so much more! By benchmarking your abilities against the professional RITTech standard, you show that you care about doing things properly, you understand your impact in the industry and you’re keeping your skills up to date.

It’s the difference between saying you can, and proving it. With the letters RITTech after your name and a spot on the public RITTech register, there’s no better way of confirming to employers and customers that you’re the best person for the job.

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Prove you have the technical skills you say you have

Build your reputation as a trusted and ethical professional

Enjoy wider industry recognition and influence in your organisation

Take your role to the next level and boost your career potential

"I feel it puts me in a positive position to progress in my digital career and it feels nice to be on a register amongst other IT professionals."

Ronni Murray RITTech
Mirus IT Solutions

Is it for me?

  • If you work in the digital industry, yes. RITTech is for all of today’s digital practitioner and support roles.
  • That’s developers, programmers, help desk technicians, project managers, testers, digital marketers, analysts, cyber experts, architects, administrators - to name just a few.
  • What you all have in common is technical know-how and professional integrity.

What are the requirements?

  • The RITTech standard sets out the criteria you’ll be measured against. Read it through to check you’re eligible, and refer back to it when you make your application.
  • You’ll need a supporter, someone more senior than you who’ll back up the information you give in your application. We recommend choosing them before you apply and checking in advance that they’re happy to support you.
  • To register as RITTech with BCS, you firstly need to be a BCS member at Associate grade or above. Not a member?
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How do I apply for RITTech registration?

It’s a straightforward online process which takes about an hour from start to finish. Here are the steps involved:

Complete the application form

The RITTech application form captures details about your work experience and / or qualifications. There are two routes to registration and the route you take determines which parts of the application form you have to complete.

If you take the experiential route, you’ll need to provide a series of written statements demonstrating your competence and experience. We ask you to give three examples that illustrate how you apply your technical skills and professional mindset in your day-to-day role. You should aim for 250-500 words for each, so the information you give must be concise and personal to you.

To download the RITTech application form, you’ll need to log in to MyBCS. Once there, you’ll find detailed information guiding you through the process.

Do you have a qualification that’s accredited for RITTech?

If you have, great! This means you can take the accredited route to RITTech registration.

You won’t have to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in written statements because your qualification provides all the evidence we need. You’ll just need to provide your qualification details in the application form.

Check your qualification to see if it’s accredited for RITTech.

Get someone to support your application

This could be your line manager, department head, team leader or a senior person who has recent first-hand experience of your work and technical ability.

We’ll ask them to review your application and verify the information you’ve provided - so speak to them in advance to confirm they're happy to do this and for BCS to hold their details for this purpose.

What happens once I’m registered?
  • Industry recognition
    On successful registration, you’ll appear on the public Register for IT Technicians confirming your place as a trusted professional in the industry.

    We’ll send you a Certificate of Current Competence valid for three years, as well as your RITTech pin badge and pen. And you can start using the letters RITTech after your name on your email signature, CV and social media profiles.
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
    An important part of your registration is the commitment you make to keeping your technical skills and knowledge up to date. BCS membership gives you access to a wide range of professional development opportunities to help you do this, as well as resources and tools for planning and recording your CPD activities.
  • Revalidation
    Your RITTech registration is valid for three years. To extend your certificate after this period, you’ll be invited to submit evidence of your continued practice in a digital role and that you're keeping your knowledge and skills current.
    Log in to MyBCS to find out more about revalidation

What does it cost?

RITTech registration costs just £45 and is valid for three years. (You must be a BCS member for your registration to be valid.)

To make it easier, the cost will be broken down into three year chunks at £15 which will be charged alongside your annual BCS membership fee.

To extend your RITTech registration at the end the three-year period, you’ll be asked to revalidate your technical competence.

RITTech through your organisation

Before applying for RITTech, we highly recommend checking to see if your employer is part of a BCS organisational scheme.

If they are then you may not need to pay for your RITTech or BCS membership. Please speak to your organisation’s dedicated BCS Coordinator to find out more.

If you know your employer is an organisational member but need help identifying who your Coordinator is, please email us at rittech@bcs.uk and we will be happy to help you get in touch with them.

Alternatively, if you or your organisation are not members and are interested in organisational membership with BCS, you can find out more about organisational membership here.

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I'm a BCS member

If you’re already a member, you can log in to MyBCS to start your application.


I'm not a BCS member

To register for RITTech, you need to be a member at AMBCS grade or above.

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Are you a T Level provider?

If you're a school or college looking for the RITTech: Get Ahead, Get Recognised programme, head over to our dedicated T Level support page.

RITTech - the employer’s perspective

Find out what the standard means for the Royal College of Nursing and why they’ve supported RITTech registration for their whole digital team.

The Royal College of Nursing and RITTech

RITTech stories

Here’s what our RITTech members say about their registration.

Why RITTech?

Having RITTech gives you a nice feeling of recognition - it gave me more self-belief. People said I was good at my job but now I have something which says I can do this.  

Nicole Covey, Z Series Software Support Specialist - IBM

Why RITTech?

It feels great to be linked with RITTech. I feel proud of being a part of an organisation where everyone is looked upon with respect.

Satish Bhatia, Senior Systems Administrator - Unix, RGA

Why RITTech?

RITTech gives you that opportunity to be recognised by potential employers and fellow professionals to help push your future career forward.

Katy Housden, Marketing Account Executive, St. James Place Wealth Management

Why RITTech?

Being RITTech registered is a really good opportunity to show my technical competence in digital marketing and how my skills are up-to-date to employers and peers.

Ronni Murray, Marketing Assistant, Mirus IT Solutions