What is RITTech?

RITTech (Registration for IT Technicians) is a professional registration public register which validates your competencies as a professional working in the digital world.

By benchmarking your abilities against the RITTech standard, you show that you care about doing things properly, you understand the impact of your work and you’re keeping your skills up-to-date.

It’s the difference between saying you can, and proving it!

RITTech registration lasts for 3 years, during which time you’ll be alongside some of the greatest minds in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today and prove to the world, you can do it!

Think about it

UK nurses revalidate their skills every 3 years. Would you want to go into hospital and be treated by someone who hasn’t revalidated?

This is the question that needs answering in the IT industry.

Would you let someone loose on your software, servers, networks or anything else IT related if they hadn’t validated their competencies recently? RITTech does exactly that and acts as your badge to practice!

Why RITTech?

Demonstrate to employers that you are talented, yet still developing

Prove to clients that they are in safe hands

Build your reputation as a trusted and ethical professional

Gain industry-wide recognition of your competencies

The potential to turbo-charge your career and take that next step

The best part is, you can gain all of these benefits with just 1 hours work! The application process is simple, and we give you plenty of support to ensure you are successful at the first attempt.

"I feel it puts me in a positive position to progress in my digital career and it feels nice to be on a register amongst other IT professionals."

Ronni Murray RITTech
Mirus IT Solutions

Is it for you?

The simple answer is yes!

If you work in the digital space, whether that be as a System Architect or even a Marketing Executive, you are demonstrating digital skills. In a highly competitive world, it helps to stand out and RITTech will ensure you do exactly that.

Check out the story below from the Royal College of Nursing to see it isn’t just traditional IT that values RITTech:

The Royal College of Nursing and RITTech

Five step process for applying


Check you have the required competencies. As long as you regularly interact with digital products for professional reasons, it is highly likely you’ll be eligible.

Find a supporter

You’ll need someone more senior than you to back-up the information you give us. Check with your boss to see if they’d be happy to doing this... there are no phone calls, it’s a simple email exchange, all done in under five minutes.

Complete the application

Applications take around an hour to complete. See what the application form looks like

If you’ve got an accredited qualification, your application time drops to about five minutes so don’t forget to check before completing.

Application support

We provide monthly workshops where we walk you through the application process and provide tips for submitting a successful application. Book onto one of our regular workshops

RITTech award

Within 14 working days, you’ll receive confirmation of your RITTech status. Make sure you add it to your CV and any online profiles to ensure you are amplifying the significance of the award.

Need an extra helping hand?

If you still aren’t sure that RITTech is right for you, or maybe you need to ask us a question, simply contact us using the button below and we will be in touch.