The four strategic pillars: Making IT good for society

As part of the strategy, together we have developed four strategic pillars to help us achieve the aims of the strategy and our royal charter: “To promote and advance the education and practice of computing for the benefit of the public”.

Watch the strategic pillar briefings

Membership (Community kick-off briefing)

Progression (coming soon)

How will the strategy affect volunteers and our member groups we manage?

Our members are at the heart of our community. We support them to gain the skills, expertise and connections they need to develop their career, shape the digital future and be recognised as trusted professionals.

Below is a breakdown of our aims for each pillar - each committee will be provided with a toolkit to help them contribute as a member group towards these strategic ambitions for our whole community.


Goal: Increase the number of members who actively engage and participate in developing themselves, others and the goals of the Institute.

In 2021-22: Grow membership to 63,000. Retention to 70%.

In 2022-23: Grow membership to 70,000. Retention to 75%.


Goal: Establish the Institute and its communities as the natural professional home for all computing educators and the recognised source of advice on computing education and digital technology.

In 2021-22: Deliver on existing contract KPIs. Engage 17,000 teachers.

In 2022-23: Extend and renew funded programmes. Extend provision beyond England and schools.


Goal: Protect and grow our authority as a leading organisation for learning and development. Support opportunity and recognition for professionals at all stages of their career.

In 2021-22: Grow revenues to £13.8M with £188k surplus.

In 2022-23: Grow revenues to £20M with £1M surplus.


Goal: Establish the Institute as the voice of the profession, where high-profile news-outlets and policy makers regularly seek our expert opinion on our policy priorities.

In 2021-22: Run major campaigns on policy priorities & regularly quoted in the news on relevant issues of the day.

In 2022-23: Policy makers proactively back our big campaigns, top news-outlets regularly quote our opinions.

How can I get involved?

For our Winter Convention 2022, we’ll be developing some committee toolkits to enable our volunteers to actively use the four pillars of the Strategy to inform the budgeting process and member group activities.

Member groups do not necessarily need to change what activities they already have planned, but the toolkits will help to identify opportunities and gaps in annual activity. For example, adapting events to make them more inclusive or attract those early in their IT and digital careers to attend.

This ultimately helps BCS to recognise the important work of all our groups individually and celebrate your successes in a new community impact report, which will be released in August 2022.