• For funding in additional to that awarded in the annual budget cycle,
  • To release Roll Over funds for use for an agreed purpose,
  • Risk Funding for a chargeable event,
  • Sponsorship,
  • To change the use of a Branch/Group budget allocation.

It may also be a cavate of awarding your yearly budget that you submit SFRs. If this is the case your Coordinator will inform you when notifying you of your budget award.

SFRs should be submitted in a timely fashion, ideally two months before expenditure is required and should contain sufficient, detailed information to all the CBFC to make an informed decision. In the first instance please forward your SFR form to your Community Groups Coordinator for an initial review.

Your coordinator may discuss and ask for further information, before passing onto the CBFC secretariat, who will acknowledge and inform you of the unique reference number allocated to your document and the date of the meeting this will be tabled for discussion at. Please quote this unique reference number in relevant correspondence.

Meeting dates of CBFC and cut off dates for submitting papers

Any applications received after the cut-off date will be tabled, if appropriate, for the following month’s CBFC meeting.

Once the meeting where your tabled document has been discussed has taken place, either the CBFC secretariat or your Community Coordinator will contact you to inform you of the following;

  • The amount of your award,
  • Any caveats attributed to the award.

CBFC have a limit of £10,000 (including VAT) and any SFRs received which exceed this limit will be referred to Community Board for confirmation of CBFC’s recommendation. Urgent requests below £1,500 (including VAT) may be approved by the Chair of CBFC. All other requests are dealt with as normal by the full CBFC committee.

Where a Community Group does not use all of the allocated funds provided by an SFR within three months of the stated date/three months from awarding (to allow for invoices and claims to be submitted) then the unused amount will be transferred back to the SFR pot for use by other Community Groups.

Any requests for expenditure on overseas travel must have prior approval from both the BCS Chief Executive as well as the Finance Committee and therefore you should allow enough time for the BCS team to carry out this process.

SFR forms can be found below, including a new version for Sponsorship. Please ensure that the correct form is used otherwise this might delay review by the CBFC. 

Supplementary fund request form V3 July 2022
Supplementary fund request form (Sponsorship) V3 July 2022