BCS London Offices
Ground Floor
25 Copthall Avenue
London, EC2R 7BP
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Start time: 6.00pm unless specified otherwise (arrival from 5.15pm)

FACS is interested in a sponsor for the seminar series.

The FACS Evening Seminar Series is organised by: Jonathan Bowen and other FACS committee members.

Since 2008, we have held joint seminars with the London Mathematical Society each November, normally at the LMS headquarters. We also hold an annual Peter Landin Semantics Seminar each December in honour of Peter Landin (1930-2009).

Books based on FACS seminars

Formal Methods: State of the Art and New Directions book cover

Formal Methods: State of the Art and New Directions 

Provably Correct Systems book cover

Provably Correct Systems