BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

BCS was formed in 1957, obtained its royal charter in 1984 and became an Engineering Institution in 1990. It offers the professional grades of Member (MBCS), Fellow (FBCS) and Chartered Engineer (CEng). It has over 60,000 members worldwide.

BCS publishes ITNOW - for Information System Professionals - 4 issues per year and the  Computer Journal - adopted by the Council of Professional Informatics Societies - 10 issues per year.

Address: 3 Newbridge Square, Swindon, SN1 1BY, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1793 417417
Email: bcshq@bcs.uk

The BCS is a registered charity: No 292786

Website: http://www.bcs.org

Formal Methods Europe (FME)

Formal Methods Europe (FME) is an international association for promoting and supporting the industrial use of formal methods in computer systems development. A major aim is to bring researchers and practitioners into close collaboration through a variety of initiatives, including the well established international Symposia held every eighteen months. In spite of its name, FME has members and activities outside the confines of Europe.

Website: http://www.fmeurope.org/

European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS)

EATCS organises the annual international ICALP conferences. It publishes its BULLETIN 3 times a year in A5 format with up to 500 pages per issue which aims to provide rapid publication and wide distribution of relevant material. EATCS also publishes the journal Theoretical Computer Science.

Website: http://eatcs.org/

London Mathematical Society (LMS)

The oldest Mathematical Society in Britain, LMS is an internationally recognised authority on mathematics, and home to many theoretical computer scientists. While the main goals of the Society are to promote mathematics, LMS is actively engaged with the theoretical computing community; in addition to maintaining a permanent Computer Science sub-committee, the LMS publishes the leading online journal Journal of Computation and Mathematics.

Website: http://www.lms.ac.uk/

British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS)

BCTCS is an annual workshop/conference organised by and for theoretical computer scientists. It is fondly regarded by theoreticians throughout the United Kingdom, and serves to give an especially excellent grounding for PhD students, with its air of inclusive debate. The Committee of BCTCS includes the local and national organisers responsible for immediately forthcoming meetings, and so varies from year to year.

Website: http://www.bctcs.ac.uk/

Safety-Critical Systems Club / Software Reliability & Metrics Club (SCSC / SRMC)

The Safety-Critical Systems Club exists to raise awareness and facilitate technology transfer in the field of safety-critical systems. It is a non-profit organisation which cooperates with all bodies involved with or interested in safety-critical systems. Its sister organisation, the Software Reliability & Metrics Club, is a forum for the exchange of information between industrialists, researchers and consultants. Members learn from sharing experiences, learn about recent project results and participate in discussions on the theory and practice of software reliability and metrics.

Website: http://www.safety-club.org.uk/

Z User Group (ZUG)

ZUG organises the regular International Conference of Z Users (aka the Z User Meeting), with support from BCS-FACS. The group also supports activities concerning the Z notation in general.

Website: http://www.zuser.org/

Formal Methods Wiki

Website: http://formalmethods.wikia.com/
BCS FACS Entry: http://formalmethods.wikia.com/wiki/BCS-FACS