Student Winner

Maryam Kiani Nazhad from the Tartu University, Estonia

The theme is to produce a single PowerPoint slide on: “What Climate Change means to us”.

Closing date for submissions: Thursday 31 March 2022.

Entry requires a single PowerPoint slide, providing visual information for the idea.

Entries from outside the UK are particularly encouraged.

There are 4 classes, Primary, Secondary, FE and HE, whether full time or part-time, in 2021/2022.

For all categories entries may be either from an Individual or a Group.

For the Student category entries should be collated by a member of staff for the establishment (not necessary to be a BCS member), who would aggregate the entries and email them to us as a single email.

The process

For the Student Category, entries from the educational establishment should be submitted in one email containing the various power-point files by a member of staff,  to,, or with GreenIT Competition and the category “Student - Primary, Secondary, FE or HE”, as appropriate, with name of the educational establishment, city and country in the subject line, as soon as possible.

For students having home-study, rather than conventional school attendance, a single person acting as point of contact for that region can submit the entries, but prior contact must be made in advance, with details of the group to be represented, to

Each academic establishment or regional home study group may submit up to 10 entries for each competition; it is left to the points of contact to sift down to this limit, if more than 10 entries are submitted to them.

For each of the 4 Student Classes:

Each entry should comprise a single PowerPoint file, containing images and text written in English;

Each member or group is allowed to submit up to 2 entries;

All entries must be free from any copyright, potential legal limitations or other issues that might cause offence

Entries from outside the UK are to be encouraged, but all entries must be in English.

An example of a winning entry of one of the previous GreenIT SG Power Point competitions was a single PowerPoint titled “The Last Mermaid” showing a picture of a mermaid sitting on a rock with rubbish in the sea around her - so the picture immediately gave a clue to the subject, as did the title “The Last Mermaid”, together with a number of relevant bullet points.

Every one of the Panel of Judges independently chose this, “The Last Mermaid”  as it was relevant to the theme for that year, with a clear simple explanation, together with suitable relevant picture(s),  showing a possible useful application, in that case, of using a game, and  to help solve a problem.

Although the judges are given no precise criteria, they are asked to rank the entries in their preferred order.

After the deadline, the entries will be assessed by a panel, and the results published by the F-TAG committee and also on the Green IT SG web page. The judges’ decision is final.

Competition entry deadline for all categories: 12.00 (noon) Thursday 31 March 2022.

The authors of winning entries will receive a Certificate.

The best PowerPoint slides could be included in an e-booklet, published in 2022 to mark the COP26.