• Evanda Lauder, from Southampton Solent University - winner of the BCS GreenIT SG competition 2016 for HE Students with her proposal for tools to actively update a GIS database, based on existing systems, possibly  to help identify owners globally following land disasters e.g. earthquakes and flooding, where conventional boundaries are no longer identifiable
  • Richard Palmer, from Totton College - winner of the BCS GreenIT SG  competition 2016 for FE Students with his proposal to use ICT to integrate power sources and achieve further energy efficiencies in our daily lives

Entry requires 2 power point slides, the 1st as a visual poster of the idea, the 2nd containing a description of what is proposed, using text etc,

Email your entries for the both the Open and Student Competitions, to, copy to, and with GreenITcomp in the subject line, the closing date is of 30 June 2016.

There are two entry categories

Open category, for all BCS members,  whether in the UK and Overseas, either as individual or as a group (but containing at least one BCS member)

Student category covering all students at Universities or other Higher Education or Further Education establishments in the UK or abroad. They could submit entries either as Individuals or as a Group. All entries should be collated for each establishment by someone who was willing to assist as Point of Contact (PoC) (not necessary to be a BCS member), but normally an employee of that educational establishment. These points of contact are then asked to aggregate the entries and email them to us as a single file.

The process is

  • Email your nomination for your establishment’s single PoC, normally a lecturer, to, copy to, and with GreenITcomp in the subject line, as soon as possible,
  • We will then post the name of the nominated point of contact along with that of the establishment, its location (town and country) on the GreenIT SG Webpage, for other students at that establishment to see and use to submit their entries
  •  All entries from that establishment should then be sent to your PoC before the middle of March 2016.
  • The PoC should then consolidate all entries into a single powerpoint file and email this file to, copy to and with a subject heading of "GreenITcomp" followed by the name of their establishment, before  the closing date for submissions of 30 June 2016.

The entry should be written in English.

Each member or group is allowed to submit up to 4 entries

After the deadline, the entries will be assessed by a panel, and the results published on the Green IT SG web page by the end of July 2016. The judges’ decision is final

The authors of successful entries will then receive a prize and be invited to produce a short video, which the Green IT SG will load onto YouTube and the BCS web site, available for all to use within their organisations as a vision for “Making IT Good for Society, looking forward 10 years”.

GreenIT SG 2016 Student Competition Point of Contact
University of the West of England - Ian Brookes, Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies.