Karen Spärck Jones Award

In order to honour Karen's achievements, in 2008 the BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group (BCS IRSG) in conjunction with the BCS established an annual award to encourage and promote talented researchers who have endeavoured to advance our understanding of Natural Language Processing or Information Retrieval with significant experimental contributions.

The Karen Spärck Jones Award is sponsored by Bloomberg L.P. and BCS. We would like to thank our generous sponsors.

BCS Search Industry Awards

The BCS Search Industry Awards recognise people, projects, and organisations that have excelled in the design of search and information retrieval products and services. The Awards are presented at the Search Solutions Conference.

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UKeiG Strix Award

The Tony Kent Strix Award was inaugurated in 1998 by The Institute of Information Scientists. The Award is given in recognition of Outstanding Practical Innovation or Achievement in the Field of Information Retrieval.

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