EFMI Working Group 5 aims to support nurses and nursing organisations in the European countries with information and contacts and the field of informatics.

EFMI is one of 5 designated medical informatic regions, based on WHO regional boundaries, so in this instance Europe includes Turkey and Israel.

EFMI holds not only, larger scientific congresses (the Medical Informatics Europe series) but also smaller Special Topic Conferences particularly based on one or more of EFMI's working groups.

Attendees at MIE and STC conferences are largely computer scientists and health informaticists from both academic, clinical and industry settings and organisations. Many of the presenters, and the participants have undertaken research and product development, including the development of ontologies and standards at an applied level.

Major informatic organisations such as IMIA and International Standards Development Organisation's are increasingly holding parallel meetings at the same events and in conjunction with EFMI. For example the International Medical Informatics Association have started to run a nursing leadership conference in conjunction with MIE and STCs at which WG5 are active participants. WG5 is the nursing specialist group.

This years MIE was held in Gottenburg in conjunction with the Swedish HI conference and over 1100 people attended. Immediately prior to this was the second nurse leadership meeting which drew attendees from Australia, New Zealand, America, Chile as well as many countries in Europe. The group shared experiences of development, deployment and progress as well as considering the impact on nursing today and how it needs to adapt to the future. The next MIE in Helsinki will include another nurse leadership event. For more detail look at http://www.EFMI.org