BCS has several specialist groups in the health sector these are listed below:

BCS Primary Health Care specialist group
The Journal of Informatics in Primary Care
BCS Health and Care
BCS Health and Care London & South East specialist group
BCS Health and Care Northern specialist group
BCS Health and Care Scotland specialist group
BCS Health and Care Wales specialist group

The sites below are thought likely to be useful to NSG members and others interested in Nursing Informatics (These URLs are liable to change and their content and maintenance are not under control of the NSG)

ACENDIO - Association for Common Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes
The Association for Common European Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes is a membership organisation established in 1995 to promote the development of nursing's professional language and provide a network across Europe for nurses interested in the development of a common language to describe the practice of nursing.

American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA)
ANIA provided the first opportunity for informatics nurses in Southern California to meet and network in 1992. It has since grown to be a non-profit organisation with members across the United States sharing common interests in informatics.

e-Health Nurses Network
This network, first established by a small group of nurses in 2000, is an independent initiative, freely open to all nurses and health and social care colleagues with an interest in developing e-health in order to maximize the professional delivery of effective patient care.

Online Healthcare Informatics
Healthcare Informatics is a monthly business magazine that provides timely, high-quality intelligence about information technology for the executives and managers on the IT decision-making team in healthcare facilities and organisations of every type.

International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)
IMIA's goals and objectives include the promotion of informatics in health care and biomedical research; the advancement of international cooperation; the stimulation of research, development and education and the dissemination and exchange of information.

Inherent in this mission is to bring together, from a global perspective, scientists, researchers, vendors, consultants and suppliers in an environment of cooperation and sharing. The international membership network of National Member Societies, IMIA Regions, Corporate and Academic Institutional Members, and our Working and Special Interest Groups that constitute the "IMIA family" is uniquely positioned to achieve these goals.

IMIA-NI is the Special Interest Group on Nursing Informatics of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)

National Nursing Informatics Strategic Taskforce
The National Nursing Informatics Strategic Taskforce (NNIST) is a group of experts and opinion leaders in nursing informatics. Their ambition is to encourage nurses, midwives and health visitors to embrace the use of information across all areas of practice and to develop nursing informatics leaders. The NHS network site is a place where the NNIST group posts information and news items. The site is free to join.