10 October 2019

At Billesley Manor Hotel, Billesley, Alcester, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire B49 6NF

Billesley Manor

This day is designed for everyone working in primary care, whatever their knowledge of medical IT. The landscape of Primary Care is changing with the arrival of Primary Care networks and Local Health Care Records and much more working at scale and the increasing reliance on digital solutions.

Data Quality underpins the success of everything digital and we will look at how to keep trash out of your system and how to make a record that will work for all purposes. We’re especially pleased to welcome Martin Bell of the Martin Bell Partnership, previously deputy managing director of EMIS, to speak about Social Prescribing.

Title: Improving Quality for all staff and patients

Time Topic Speaker
09:20 Welcome and opening remarks Dr John Robinson Chair of PHCSG
09:30 Population health management: Linking primary and secondary care data to develop a new model to manage patient demand. Optum Health Solutions - Dr Amit Sethi and Marcus Green
10:10 Working with networks: 6 examples of innovative IT projects from PCNs I'm working with. Dr Neil Paul, GP Partner at Sandbach GPs in Sandbach, Cheshire and Director of Howbeck Healthcare Limited
10:50 Coffee  
11:20 GIGO: Keeping the trash out of your system.
'You're a victim of it, or you're a triumph because of it. The human mind simply cannot carry all the information about all the patients in your practice'. Geoff and Dustyn look at how to create a record that gives you the information you need when you need it.
Dr Geoff Schrecker, Vice Chair PHCSG and Dr Dustyn Saint, Primary Care IT
12:00 Social Prescribing
With the rise in social prescribing Martin Bell looks at how IT solutions support its integration into our day to day working.
Martin Bell, Independent Consultant - Healthcare, IT and Business - The Martin Bell Partnership
12:40 Lunch and early career presentations  

What LHCREs will mean for practices
What are the implications for practices with the development of Local Care Records up and down the country.

Maggie Lay, CNIO; Digital Transformation, NHS SCWCSU
14:10 PRIMIS Enterprise working
Examples of how PRIMIS is working with different organisations to deliver improvements in patient care.
Jennie Johnson Business Implementation Lead PRIMIS
14:40 Making a record that works (coding and Structuring the record to make data into information)
How good are your electronic health records? The more the data is shared the more important it is that records are not only coded accurately, but also structured correctly, in order that the meaning of the data is not lost. Curation is also necessary to keep them up to date.
Dr Ian McNicoll, Director, freshEHR Clinical Informatics Ltd
15:30 Closing remarks Dr Geoff Schrecker Vice chair of PHCSG