PHCSG has created a new discussion list, The Primary Health Care specialist group channel, on Digital Health Networks in conjunction with the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

FCI members

If you are signed up to Digital Health Networks, you will already be able to see the “Primary Health Care Specialist Group” channel. Do not confuse this with The PRIMARY CARE Channel which was set up for CCIOs.

BCS members

You will first need to register with Digital Health Networks. You will need to be approved, which may take a day or so.

Once you are able to get into the network, BCS will need to add you to the list of members allowed to access our channel. Email making sure she has the correct email address you registered with and she will add you.

Setting up Discourse

Once you are able to access the group, you will need to set your profile so that you receive notifications of new discussions. Under your icon at the top right select preferences, then under categories make sure you are following us.

Screenshot displaying where to find preferences

Screenshot of the categories view