Applications for Fellowship

As the IT industry continues to evolve and grow, it's important that our membership evolves so it can continue to fit the breadth and diversity of the profession. As part of this, we have updated the BCS Fellowship criteria and application process. Below you'll find all the resources someone in your organisation will need when applying for fellowship:

Applications for CITP

CITP is the independent standard of competence and professionalism in today’s technology industry.

Below are a few more PDF’s which delves a bit deeper into specific member benefits to share with your scheme members:

BCS Mentoring

Become a BCS mentor or gain knowledge and experience from an existing mentor.
More on mentoring


Members can get access to a range of e-learning tutorials to help them professionally and personally. More on springboard

PDP tool

Members can record and track their career development by using the BCS PDP tool.
More on PDP

Professional standards

As well as membership, members can also apply for a professional standard mapped to SFIA. More on standards


Provides a reference model for describing and managing an IT team’s skills and competencies. More on SFIAplus

Promotional poster

Print either A4 or A3 and personalise fields to promote any BCS event to your members.
Download the events poster

Get involved with BCS

Volunteering your time, knowledge and skills can elevate your status and help others in your community. Get involved

Becoming an Approved Org

More on becoming an Approved Org Becoming an Approved Org

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