Stand out and be recognised for the valuable work that you do

Raise your profile and progress your career with letters RITTech after your name

Demonstrate your competence and experience to employers, clients and colleagues

Take your place on the public RITTech register and help to develop professionalism in IT

Is it for me?

You're ready to become RITTech if you:

  • are an IT practitioner with hands-on technical skills
  • perform a range of activities, sometimes complex and non routine
  • understand the wider business context of your role
  • demonstrate quality and integrity in your work

What are the requirements?

  • You're assessed against the criteria set out in the RITTech standard
  • You need to be a member of a professional body licenced to award RITTech: 
    • BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
    • Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP)
    • Institute of Highway Engineers

How do I apply?

To register for RITTech you'll need to evidence your competence and knowledge in a series of personal statements.

1. Choose your technical specialism

RITTech registration represents roles across the IT and digital industry. You'll need to select your technical specialism from the following competencies:

  • business analysis
  • cyber intrusion analysis
  • database
  • digital marketing
  • digital media technology
  • infrastructure architecture
  • infrastructure support
  • IT support (generalist)
  • network engineering
  • project / programme support
  • security analysis
  • service delivery
  • service deployment
  • service desk / client support
  • software development
  • software testing
  • systems engineering
  • systems integration
  • unified communications
  • user experience
2. Complete the online application

We need you to tell us what you do and how you do it. Our online application uses multiple-choice and free-text questions to gather evidence about your work experience and technical expertise.

You'll also need to respond to these prompts, with statements demonstrating your competence:

  1. Describe three things that have made you proud and which demonstrate your skills
  2. Describe a piece of work requiring use of your technical skills and what you’ve learnt from it
  3. Give an example of how you have personally made a difference within a team delivery project

Space is limited to 1,000 characters for each of these statements so you need to be concise. We're looking for brief personal evidence with technical examples to illustrate how you perform in your role.

Watch our video for a step-by-step guide to completing your application

Registration route for apprentices

If you’ve passed a digital IT apprenticeship in the last 12 months, you can apply for RITTech registration without the need to provide personal statements - as your apprenticeship provides evidence that you’re working with good technical skills and meet the required standard.

3. You need a supporter to verify your statements

Your support should be your line manager, department head, team leader or a person in authority who has recent first-hand experience of your work and technical ability.

Speak to your supporter in advance to confirm they're happy to verify your application and for BCS to hold their details for the purposes of RITTech assessment and quality control.

4. What happens when I become RITTech?

Public register
Take your place on the public register confirming your new status to employers, colleagues and customers.

Display your RITTech certificate with pride in your workplace.

Get involved
Make the most of your BCS membership by connecting with the wider IT community, tapping into the latest thinking, growing your personal network and continuing your professional development.

Apply for RITTech

I'm a BCS member

£45 for 3-year registration

If you’ve passed a digital IT apprenticeship in the last 12 months apply here


I'm not a BCS member

Apply for membership and professional registration together

£45 for 3-year registration + annual membership subscription

If you’ve passed a digital IT apprenticeship in the last 12 months apply here


RITTech stories

Here’s what our RITTech members say about their registration.

Why RITTech?

If you’re serious about making the most of your career in IT, then being registered with RITTech and BCS is a very good starting point.

Aaron Kincher, Cyber Security Consultant for IBM

Why RITTech?

Having RITTech gives you a nice feeling of recognition - it gave me more self-belief. People said I was good at my job but now I have something which says I can do this.  

Nicole Covey, Z Series Software Support Specialist - IBM

Why RITTech?

I think it is important that we have a standard in the IT industry, but I think it is more important that you can get RITTech via BCS.

George Lee, Studying BSc Hons Business Information Systems - Sheffield Hallum University

Why RITTech?

It feels great to be linked with RITTech. I feel proud of being a part of an organisation where everyone is looked upon with respect.

Satish Bhatia, Senior Systems Administrator - Unix, RGA