Who is it for?

  • Experienced senior business analysts who actively contribute to the development and promotion of the business analysis profession.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for each of the Professional Business Analysis certifications. The following entry requirements apply to the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis:

  • BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis
  • BCS Professional level BA certificates in each of the analytical, business and people skills specialisms
  • Additional BCS Professional level BA certificate in either the analytical or business skills specialism
  • At least five years’ BA experience

Professional Business Analysis certificates by skills specialism:

Additional one from above two specialisms 

How do I get the BA Advanced International Diploma?

In addition to holding prerequisite certification, to achieve the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis you’ll need to demonstrate your experience, CPD, and contribution to the BA community, in a written portfolio.

Step 1 - registration

Start your application by completing the registration form and emailing it to us at eprofessional@bcs.uk.

This provides us with your contact details, and details of the prerequisite certificates that you hold. When you’ve registered, we’ll send you an email confirming your next steps.

Step 2 - written submission

Once your registration is processed, you can submit your written submission - providing evidence to demonstrate your experience, your ongoing personal development, and your active contribution to the development and promotion of the business analysis community.

Experience requirement

The experience you set out in your written submission should equate to a minimum of five years working in the field of business analysis at a senior level, as defined in the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) - you’ll be expected to have had responsibility and accountability for business analysis work at SFIA level 5, with some work at SFIA level 6.

You should provide examples of your application of business analysis using the stages of the Business Analysis Process Model:

  • Investigate situation
  • Consider perspectives
  • Analyse needs
  • Evaluate options
  • Define requirements

Please also include specific examples relating to your practical application of stakeholder engagement or team leadership skills, within the context of your business analysis activities.

BA community requirement

You’re required to demonstrate how you’ve contributed to the wider BA community, which may be through initiatives internal to your organisation or involvement in external BA groups.

Examples might include:

  • working with professional bodies in a formal capacity such as a committee member, examiner or reviewer
  • written contributions on business analysis topics including articles, papers, blogs or book chapters
  • verbal contributions; delivering presentations or training sessions to colleagues or industry peers
  • engagement contributions; attending forums, seminars or conferences, or mentoring less senior business analysts
Step 3 - supporter validation

You need to identify at least one supporter - an individual who know you in a professional capacity who’s able to comment on your competence and experience. Typically, they’ll be in a more senior role, or management position relating to the work you’ve featured in your written submission

Your supporter(s) must read and sign your written application before it’s submitted, validating the information you’ve provided and confirming their support for your application.

Please notify your supporter(s) that BCS will hold their contact details for the purposes of processing your application, and that they may be contacted by a BCS assessor if we need to discuss any of the evidence in your application in greater depth.

Step 4 - portfolio review

We’ll review your application and written submission statements to confirm the following:

  • your certification evidence is correct
  • your experience evidence:

    • conforms with the five-year minimum requirement and is supported by a senior colleague
    • is relevant business analysis work and demonstrates the appropriate SFIA levels
    • demonstrates your personal skills relevant to the appropriate area: stakeholder engagement or team leadership
  • you’ve made a sufficient contribution to the BA community

BCS may decide to award the Advanced International Diploma based on your portfolio evidence alone, or we may need to discuss your evidence in more detail, with you or your supporter(s). If this is the case, an authorised BCS assessor will organise a call, and then report his recommendations to BCS so we can make our final decision.

Step 5 - what happens when I achieve my Advanced International Diploma?

When you successfully complete the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis you are eligible to apply to become a Chartered IT Professional.

Set yourself apart as a highly-skilled IT professional, apply for CITP.

What does it cost?

Application fee: £714 (£595 + VAT)

Recognising exceptional BA skills

Do you conduct complex business analysis activities, engage with senior stakeholders and develop the organisation at a strategic level?

Demonstrate your BA competence at the highest level by achieving the BA Expert Award.

This qualification is not regulated by the following United Kingdom Regulators - Ofqual, Qualifications Wales, CCEA Regulation or SQA.