A recent report from Lloyds cites that cyber attacks are already costing an estimated $400 billion each year. And this is set to rise - yet the serious skills gap within the cyber security sector remains. Bill Mitchell, Director of Policy at BCS explains how CYBOK could help towards providing the solution.

Establishing a new way forward

The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CYBOK) has been established to help address the cyber security skills gap. With free access for BCS members, CYBOK offers news, workshops, webinars and podcasts on a range of knowledge areas - covering everything from malware to cryptography - systems security to forensics.

CYBOK aims to bring cyber security in line with other, more established sciences by distilling knowledge from major internationally recognised experts and provide much needed foundations for this emerging sector. The project is funded by the National Cyber Security Programme and led by the University of Bristol’s Professor, Awais Rashid, along with other leading cyber security experts.

Developing the cyber security profession

Bill Mitchell, Director of Policy at BCS and a member of the professional advisory board for CYBOK explains: ‘Cyber security encompasses a wide range of disciplines, but its relative youth means it lacks the coherence found in the more mature STEM fields. CYBOK has been set up with the long-term aim of contributing to the development of the cyber security profession.

‘It is a ‘comprehensive body of knowledge which aims to inform and underpin educational and professional training for the cyber security sector. The project aims to structure core knowledge, topics and reference texts, enabling the UK to focus learning pathways, professional development and careers information.’

For the community, by the community

The CYBOK team have undertaken an extensive exercise involving a mapping and analysis of relevant texts as well as a range of community consultations via workshops, an online survey, interviews and position papers.

Bill continues: ‘CYBOK is for the community, by the community. It is a unique resource of cyber security knowledge for the national and international cyber security community, and for future cyber security professionals. The site holds a wealth of knowledge and information which will be incredibly useful to anyone with an interest in this area.”

Get involved 

CYBOK invites BCS members to get involved and:

  • raise awareness of the risks - for individuals and businesses.
  • set standards of conduct for cyber security professionals.
  • support organisations in developing robust strategies to tackle their cyber challenges.
  • embed security best practice across the industry.

You can get involved by downloading Knowledge Areas and send us your comments and feedback

Check out the news and workshops page for any forthcoming community workshops and info on where the project team will be presenting next.

Webinars and podcasts for each Knowledge Area are available to download.