Let's face it - Data Migration is hard and prone to error. In 1999 the much quoted Standish Group report disclosed that 80% of data migration projects either overrun time, budget, both or fail entirely. Nearly ten years later and the Bloor Research Report shows that 84% of Data Migration projects overrun time or budget or both or fail entirely. No improvement in a decade then. A sobering thought for those of us working in this sector.

Why do Data Migration projects fail? Well the Bloor paper identified a number of reasons. Under estimating their complexity for one. Trying to invent your own methodology for another (75% of Data Migration projects are based on in-house developed approaches).

But do they have to fail so frequently? Why is we can put men on the moon but not put data in a database? Well my answer is "No" they do not have to fail. It may be right that "To err is human" but to err 84% of the time looks like we just ain't trying. This is especially true when there are tried an trusted methods out there that will get you safely from A to B.

At iergo we've got so fed up with parachuting into failing projects - most of which display alarmingly similar characteristics - that we've decided to offer an introduction to Data Migration absolutely free and for nothing. Will it make you into an instant expert? No it will not, but it will give you the insight to be able to judge the knowledge of others, and a base from which to start making informed choices of partners and strategies.

So check it out at www.iergo.co.uk and let the world know what you think.

Johny Morris


About the author

John Morris has over 20 years experience in IT as a programmer, business analyst, project manager and data architect. He has spent the last 10 years working exclusively on data migration and system integration projects. John is the author of Practical Data Migration.