Cyber security skills are critical for our industry and the earlier the better. An industry group of employers, professional bodies including BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and subject experts met in November 2018 at Bletchley Park and determined that there was sufficient interest to develop a level three apprenticeship standard in cyber security.

The level three apprenticeship standard in cyber security would provide an entry route into the sector, after GCSEs, for those who would prefer to gain employment through experience rather than academic study - or provide an access route into cyber security for career changers.

Cyber Security Technician

The Cyber Security Technician occupation is found in all sectors where information is held digitally and where that information is an asset that needs to be protected including, but not limited to, finance, retail, telecoms, health, media, manufacturing and local authorities.

The new apprenticeship standard will be focused on developing an occupation around the provision of first line cyber security support. This occupation will be based on the need to develop competent individuals to monitor and detect potential security threats and escalate as necessary and to support secure and uninterrupted business operations of an organisation through the implementation of cyber security mechanisms and the application of cyber security procedures and controls.

Development of the standard

The development of new apprenticeship standards is governed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education IfATE and a critical element in the development of apprenticeship standards is that the draft standard is circulated widely for comment before submission.

Apprenticeship standards are based on a clear occupational profile setting out the duties carried out by employees in the occupation. The duties represent the specific tasks that an apprentice is expect to competent in by the end of the apprenticeship programme. There are seventeen duties that have been determined by the Cyber Security Technician Trailblazer group. These duties have been reviewed by the IfATE digital route panel and the institute’s advisors and adjustments made.


Your help is needed to respond to a survey developed by the sponsoring group of employers and professional bodies (Institute for Information Security Professionals and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT). The survey, which should take 10-15 minutes to complete is asking for specific feedback to ensure that the Cyber Security Technician standard is appropriate for the widest possible range of employers.

The consultation has now closed.

If you would like further information about the development of the Cyber Security Technician Standard, please contact: