Alan Pollard Alan Pollard, BCS President

The BCS enters its 52nd year with confidence and optimism.

We have grown to over 65,000 members, which is a remarkable achievement for any organisation but especially so for a body reliant on voluntary membership in a fast moving profession.

Perhaps more significant still is the fact that the average age of our members has reduced over the past four years from 38 to 28. In part this is due to the major shift in our positioning five years ago that saw the Society opening its doors to a broader spectrum of ICT skills and interests, more inclusive of a wider range of abilities from computer scientist through to gifted user.

This particular membership age statistic reflects a promising trend for the industry in general. It is strong evidence that our profession is seen by today’s up and coming generations as having real relevance in the 21st century. By far the largest of our many branches and groups is the Young Professionals Group, which now numbers over 20,000 members. As we continue our national and international drive for professionalism in IT we have clearly struck a chord with those who will be taking the industry forward through its next 50 years.

Computing continues to hold fascination and surprise; with the ever-increasing complexity and capability unfolding before us and with the way that ICT is enabling and bringing about previously unimagined changes to commerce, society and the burgeoning growth of knowledge. Now, more than ever before, professionalism comes into its own and, with our various partners, we have a great responsibility to prove that we can harness and apply technology in a trustworthy, reliable and responsible way in all walks of life. There could not be a greater challenge. The BCS is ready and able to face it.

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Alan Pollard BCS President