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  • Automotive Professionals Having Discussion
    Munish Sharma considers GDPR implementation within the automotive industry and examines…
  • Hands Holding Smartphone
    How secure is the data on your smartphone? And are the so-called ‘private’ apps really as secure as they claim to be? Olivier Plante, CEO of Fleksy Keyboard explores how your personal data can escape your device.
  • Privacy button On Keyboard
    Gary Spokes, CISSP, MBCS, Director of Privacy and Info Security at Korn Ferry offers nine key areas that your organisation should be knowledgeable about, relating to data and privacy.
  • Girl Gamer
    Robert Brady MBCS, senior consultant at Capgemini, considers the cyber risks posed by sideloading in a popular mobile video game.
  • Three People In Office Meeting
    Martin Cooper MBCS RITTech talks with XL Catlin’s Hélène Stanway about how blockchain will allow some types of risks to be priced in near real time.

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