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  • Linked Hands
    Information Security Analyst, Ian Edwards MBCS, discusses what we can learn from the Facebook Cambridge Analytica saga.
  • Moscow Skyline
    John Curry, Senior Lecturer in Games Design, Bath Spa University and Lewis Blanks, Cyber Security Researcher, delve into the allegations concerning Russia meddling in other countries’ elections through cyber-power.
  • Making Payment Using Smartphone
    Steve Lemon, VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of global payments platform Currencycloud, explains open banking and how it will change the world.
  • Man Chairing Meeting In Workspace
    Dr John McManus underlines some constructive insights into the rationale and intricacy of delivering major software projects.
  • Icelandic turf houses
    Svyatoslav Kotusev reveals the differences between the realms of natural and artificial varieties of enterprise architecture.

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