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  • Young Man Playing Arcade Game
    Ian Hughes, Senior IoT Analyst at 451 Research and Chair BCS Animation and Games SG, stops playing Fortnite and asks what 5G might mean for the future of interactive entertainment.
  • Work Colleagues Analysing Data
    Neil Whitley, senior software quality engineer, gives a view of software quality from within the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).
  • Young Woman Conducting Research
    In a world where technological advances can create an undesirable future, there is an ever stronger call for more ethical research. Responsible research and innovation are a must. Margherita Nulli, Bernd Stahl, Carolyn Ten Holter and Martin de Heaver report.
  • IT Professional working on multiple screens
    Security awareness is becoming increasingly important as devices are receiving, collecting and transferring personal data. Heetesh Chauhan and Christopher Middup MBCS suggest several key ways in which security may be improved throughout the internet of things.
  • Hacker in dark room
    Peter Wood FBCS, Director Emeritus, Falanx Group, discusses the threat landscape and how attack vectors are developing to exploit increasingly agile businesses.

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