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  • View Of Cambridge
    Christopher Curry was co-founder of Acorn Computers, which was probably most famous for creating the BBC Micro. Curry also managed to develop GIS, a system for cashless money, and created an ID card with medical history, called Bluefish.
  • Woman Wearing Virtual Reality Headset
    Paul Jagger FBCS asks: whatever happened to virtual reality learning platforms, and is a second life being given to Second Life?
  • Bamboo Plant
    Chen Mao Davies has experience at the confluence of many strands relevant to BCS: she has a PhD in computer graphics; she is a tech-entrepreneur; and her developing business is one with a demonstrable social benefit.
  • Man And Woman Symbolising Gender Pay Gap
    Justin Richards MBCS interviews 2019’s Turing Lecture speaker, Krishna Gummadi, from the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, in Germany.
  • Child On Skateboard with Pretend Rocket Pack
    Long-term writer of the BCS Future Tech blog, Chris Yapp, is stepping down. Here we present his final blog, plus some highlights from the fantastic blogs he has produced for us. His insight will be sorely missed.

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