Articles from Volume 6, Number 2

  • Sheila Bullas, Editorial Board Leader, HINOW, provides a glimpse of what’s in store for this issue.
  • The BCS HC2011 health informatics conference saw the return of government to the event’s stages. One of the key speakers at this year’s event was Christine Connelly, Chief Information Officer at the Department of Health.
  • I’ve been to the BCS Health conference three years running to cover the event from a journalistic perspective and it seems clear to me that some of the same issues keep coming up year after year and don’t really get resolved, just pushed up and down the agenda depending on who’s in charge at the top.
  • The Nursing Specialist Group, one of the professional member groups in BCS Health, presented a tutorial entitled 'Developing Health and Social Care Practitioners as Meaningful Informatics Users' at HC 2011.
  • Justin Richards, HINOW Editor, recently talked to Keith Andrews, Information Systems Manager, Gateshead City Council, regarding the council's recent adoption of mobile technology, specifically CareFirst.
  • According to the speaker, Professor Tilak Dias, Professor of Knitting, School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University, the current generation of textiles, including technical textiles, are passive.