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  • Man And Girl Wearing Experimental Headgear
    James Moos MBCS, Technical Security Group Lead at C3IA Solutions, suggests that while we can blame a lot of cyber security ills on people, perhaps many security issues might be easily solved by ‘patching’ the human operating system.
  • Woman Using Computer
    John Reid, Chair of the BCS Fortran Group and former convener of the ISO Fortran Committee, explains that, like BCS, Fortran is alive and kicking despite being 60 years old.
  • Securty Personnel With Earpiece
    John Mitchell FBCS considers how intelligent so-called intelligent security really is, and asks: is it time for more regulation?
  • Builders Checking Plans
    Douglas Needham, a senior information security analyst, argues that referring to humans as the weakest link is unhelpful, instead we should focus on the positive actions they can take.