BCS Digital Literacy for Life programme

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There is an unprecedented requirement for people of all ages to have digital literacy skills for a wide variety of reasons, including employability, to reach full potential in school and for active engagement in the digital world at all ages.

What is digital literacy…?

‘Those capabilities that mean an individual is fit for living, learning and working in a digital society. Digital literacy is about being able to make use of technologies to participate in and contribute to modern social, cultural, political and economic life.'

It covers:

  • Understanding the impact of new technologies on society
  • Understanding and being able to manage digital identities appropriately
  • Being able to locate, organise, understand, evaluate, analyse and present digital information’

At BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT we recognise the need for digital literacy and have created a number of solutions to assist with;

  • Employability requirements
  • Digital literacy within the new computing curriculum
  • Digital literacy to enable active engagement in our digital world.

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Video debate

Following the launch of BCS's Digital Literacy for Life Programme, a panel of industry experts met to discuss the importance of digital literacy.
Watch the debate