Digital literacy and society

Society is now becoming increasingly digital.

Why is digital literacy important in society?

  • To actively engage in the digital world such as accessing public services, online shopping and using digital communications people need to have the appropriate levels of digital literacy
  • As a learner you can validate your digital literacy skills to enhance your employment options and to enable you to actively engage in the digital world
  • To access government and public services you increasingly require digital access and digital literacy skills

We are all aware of the growing requirements for digital literacy as:

  • Digital literacy is now at the heart of almost everything we do in our digital world; we search for information online, claim benefits through online channels and access an increasing number of public services digitally that need digital literacy skills.
  • Job searching has now become an online activity and employment applications are actively being delivered through digital channels, all of this is set against a backdrop where social media is becoming more popular with all age groups. We are also increasingly shopping online and this has grown 13.2% in the last year (up to April 2013)

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