The PHCSG has a key role to play in the discussion of national issues affecting health IT.

The Consultation on the Review of New data security standards and opt-out models for health and social care, the Review of NHS data standards and a new consent model carried out by Dame Fiona Caldicott, the National Data Guardian and the CQC ended on September 7 2016.

The questions were very constricting, and did not include one of the major recommendations of the Review - the upload of all medical records - especially referring to GP records - to NHS Digital (previously the HSCIC) with no option for any objection on the part of either patients or Data Controllers. The Public Consultation limited questions on consent to the new model - consent - or refusal of consent - to the end uses of managing the NHS and Research - although there is acknowledgement of the difficulties involved in transition from Type 1 and Type 2 Objections ( to identifiable data leaving the GP surgery and for identifiable data leaving NHS Digital for secondary uses respectively) to the new model.

The PHCSG had serious concerns on a number of issues: read the PHCSG response here.

The Consultation on the role of the National Data Guardian, which closed in December 2015, was concerned with establishing the role of the National Data Guardian in statute, following Dame Fiona Caldicott’s appointment as the National Data Guardian. The PHCSG subsequently published the group’s response to this consultation.

IGARD Consultation (closed 31 August 2015)

In July 2015 HSCIC held a consultation on the TOR for IGARD - Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data - which will replace DAAG. Under the revised Information Governance, the GPES IAG (Independent Advisory Group) was abolished on 30 June 2015.

In future, all data collections and extractions, including those from GP records, will be managed by SCCI (Standardisation Committee for Care Information) and all releases of data from HSCIC by IGARD.

The BCS PHCSG, as one of the bodies nominating members to the GPES IAG (abolished on 30 June 2015) was asked to respond.

BCS PHCSG response to the IGARD consultation 31 08 15

Fair Shares for All: BCS Health report on sharing and use of NHS patient data.

In March 2012 the BCS PHCSG published a report by the BCS Primary Healthcare Specialist Group about the sharing and use of patient data collected by or on behalf of the NHS.

We look at opinions and practice in the light of the relevant law and guidance in order to arrive at a set of principles and measures that support our ambition to see the data held in electronic health records used as fully and responsibly as possible in a way that respects patient privacy.

Fair Shares for All: Sharing and protecting electronic patient healthcare data

From the BCS

UK Health Computing Recollections and Reflections Edited by Glyn Hayes and Denise Barnett
2008 Publisher BCS
ISBN 978-1-902505-99-2
PDF of Chapter 1

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The 2018 winner of the John Perry prize was Dr Raza Toosy for Patient Leaf.

The 2018 winner of the Early Career award was Dr Shamil Haroon for his work on "Information standards for recording alcohol use in electronic health records: findings from a national consultation"