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  • Brian Runciman
    When I mentioned I was going to a roundtable discussion about neurodiversity in the workplace – the reaction was mixed, writes BCS’s Claire Penketh.
  • Businesses, particularly those of medium or larger size, have never been under more pressure to evolve through technology-enabled change and have never been at greater threat of disruption, increasingly from unexpected directions.
  • Big Ben
    Theo Knott, Policy Programmes Manager at BCS, analyses the 2018 Budget and its potential impact on the tech industry.
  • Not all disabilities are visible. There’s been several awareness weeks recently, looking at, for instance, invisible disabilities, which covers conditions like dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger syndrome (high functioning autism), through to Irlen Syndrome (a problem with the brain's ability to process visual information). It all brought to my mind the increasing awareness in the UK of things like neuro-diversity.
  • Job Up! Bombe breaks Enigma again at its new home at The National Museum of Computing
  • Sarah Burnett and the BCSWomen’s AI Accelerator programme receives a nomination for the prestigious EQUALS in Tech Awards.
  • Stefano Capaldo, from training provider Firebrand, champions providing support to IT professionals, from apprenticeship level right through to chartered status.
  • Anuradha Udunuwara, from the BCS Internet Specialist Group, provides some common sense advice on how to safely manage your digital life.
  • The Royal Society Report After the Reboot: Computing Education in UK Schools expressed clear concern about the qualifications landscape for computing, especially at Key Stage 4, and recommended that Ofqual and the government should work urgently with the learned societies in computing, awarding bodies and other stakeholder groups, to ensure that the range of qualifications includes pathways suitable for all pupils.
  • Our lives and outlook, and those of our children, are fast being shaped by digital. These changes are unplanned, largely unregulated and already happening. This, warns Adam Thilthorpe, leaves us reliant on the ethical fortitude of developers. He says we urgently need a clear ethical framework for digital innovation.

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