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Articles from back issues of the Newsletter are available below.

October 1996
Time Box Testing in DSDM Developments
Chris Allen, Prudential

December 1996
The Best Testing You've Ever Done
Paul Herzlich, Tradepoint Financial Networks plc

March 1997
Simultaneous Multi-project Testing
M Sutherst & L Smith, UK Banking Systems - Unisys Ltd.

June 1997
Test Case Management
Pepe Tozzo, ICV Ltd. - Datastream/ICV

August 1997
The Penetration of Automation in Software Testing
Graham Titterington
Editor: Ovum Evaluates Software Testing Tools

October 1997
How to Not Test
Chris Allen

January 1998
Outsourced Testing: Coming to a site near you
Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Ltd.

March 1998
Year 2000 Testing Approach
David Hobbs, CMG UK Ltd.

June 1998
A Framework for Test Management
Gary Wilson, Silicon Valley Networks

Test Environments
Urmil Laxman, Independent Consultant

August 1998
Automation - Is it the Right Way to Y2K Testing?
John Reilly, Test Automation UK Ltd.

Increasing, Improving or Outsourcing Testing?
Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Ltd.

October 1998
Are Testers Crazy? Now you can be Certified!
Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants

Testing the Changes
Matthew Brady, McCabe & Associates

January 1999
Emu Conversion - The Testing Perspective
Mercury Interactive

Three Essentials for the Tester to Consider
Geoff Quentin

March 1999
Introducing Euros to the Bank of Ireland Retail System
Tom Coughlan, Bank of Ireland

June 1999
Book Review - Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing by William E. Perry & Randall Rice
Reviewed by Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants

Testing - A Sponsor for the Purpose
Aidan Ward, Antelope Projects Ltd.

August 1999
Ghost in the Machine: Automated Testing
John Kent, CISS Ltd.

October 1999
Ovum Moves On
Graham Titterington, Ovum Ltd.

Process Improvement Model - Inspection and Testing Solutions
Gavin Wilson, OCS Consulting

January 2000
Risk: The New Language of E-Business Testing
Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Ltd.

Test Process Management
Mike Smith, Test Management Solutions Ltd.

April 2000
Is Software Inspection no longer cool
Steve Allott, Imago QA Ltd

Software Quality Why compromise
John Rodford, Reasoning UK Ltd

Test Management Issues for eBusiness
Lynn OConnell

June 2000
A Testing Time
Alex Blackie, Marlborough Stirling

"Testware or Shelfware" - The Reality
Pauline Havelock, Compuware Ltd.

August 2000
Outsourcing Testing for e-Business
Adam Ripley, IS Integration

Random Test Generator - Bridging the Gap
Graeme Parkin, National Physical Laboratory

November 2000
Diary of a System Tester aged 27 - (Any Idiot can Test?)
Owen Christy

January 2001
E-Security for the Tester
Steven Cox, Stoneyfore Consulting

The ISEB Scheme so far - a Personal View
Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Ltd.

April 2001
How Mature is your Automated Test Suite?
Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants

Testing e-Commerce - in at the Deep End!
David Scott, IBM Global Services

June 2001
Standards for Software Testing
Stuart Reid, Cranfield University

Web Site Performance Testing
Fiona Tutton , Mercury Interactive

August 2001
It's Just Common Sense
Barbara Gorton, Consignia

October 2001
Modelling the Real World for Load Testing Web Sites
Steve Splaine & Stefan Jaskiel

Test Planning
Clive Bates, OCS Consulting

January 2002
An Easy Way To Improve Quality
Anthony Hemens, Managing Director of Quantitative Software Management (UK)

Really, a Ph.D. is Software Testing? - I didn't know such a thing existed....
Sarah Chambers, SIGIST sponsored Ph.D student

April 2002
Some ideas to improve your testing by cheap and easy means
Hans Schaefer

Requirements Release Management
Ed McMahon, Director Itiss Ltd