Inspire the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Wednesday 7 May 2014, Doors open 5.30pm, Start 6.00pm - 9.00pm

IDEALondon, 69 Wilson St, EC2A 2BB

Joint event with IDEALondon

If you were running Britain, how would you encourage young people to start their own technology businesses and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow?
Did you instantaneously think of an answer? Then this challenge is for you!

We, British Computer Society (BCS) Entrepreneurs, are driving professional mentorship through our 2014 programme, and we need your skills.

Mentoring is a two way process and in sharing your experience and guidance you could be inspired by the enthusiasm and digital awareness of your mentee.

Many “Digital Native” Entrepreneurs have no idea what being in a strong and stable business feels like. Could you tell them or even show them? Perhaps they could help you in return. Don’t be shy, we shall be giving guidance for first time mentors.

Doors open and drinks start flowing at 17.30. A tour of the facilities will be at 18:00 followed by the rest of the evening.

There will be some food to keep you going until 21:00 as well, if you are able to stay with us until then!

Our programme

Our programme consists of inspirational networking events, followed by 'Technology Start-up Schools' and mentorship for successful applicants. This programme is designed to drive awareness, promote mentorship as a viable way of developing young talent and establish BCS as the ‘go to’ place for technology mentors and mentees.

As the first step, we have planned a number of ‘inspirational networking events’, during which potential mentors and mentees will meet for a brief discussion of ideas. Potential mentees will be assessed, and qualifying individuals will go on to attend the Technology Start-up Schools.

These schools will allow mentees to understand first-hand the value of finding a mentor, and give them the skills and confidence to develop their plans and work towards their future goals.

If you’re interested in joining us in fostering a dynamic, innovative new generation of technology entrepreneurs, then join us as a mentor today.