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Phoenix TrustedCore - for a world of seamless computing

Phoenix Technologies is a global market leader in device-defining software that enables endpoint security from the start. The company first established dominant industry leadership over 25 years ago with BIOS software. From this unique foundation of core-level expertise and firmware offering the highest levels of reliability, Phoenix has created its unique range of software.

The Phoenix portfolio consists of innovative software products that simply and easily identify and restore devices, thereby assuring users unparalleled endpoint security and availability.

Until endpoints of the network become truly trusted devices, interruptions in business continuity based on security breaches and hostile attacks will continue and accelerate.

To realize the full potential of today's networks and tomorrow's connected future, PC and smart device OEMs and their ODM partners need to adopt the next generation of Core System Software beyond BIOS, and deliver both advanced system management and built-in endpoint trust to enterprise customers and consumers.

At Phoenix we have risen to the challenge of a networked age by reinventing smart device Core System Software in the context of internet computing. It's called Phoenix TrustedCore, a new category of Core System Software for a .NET-connected world.

A generation beyond all existing BIOS products in the marketplace, Phoenix TrustedCore transforms the legacy PC BIOS functionality from a simple 'root of system intelligence' into a 'root of endpoint trust' for an age of connected computing and seamless networks.

In addition, Phoenix TrustedCore provides the architectural foundation for secure, authenticated pre-OS protected applications supporting operating systems, and even delivers a Core System Software-advantaged OS security services via the industry standard Windows CryptoAPI (CAPI).

It's nothing short of a revolutionary reinvention of firmware while maintaining 100 per cent compatibility with existing OEM and ODM investments in BIOS development.

The Phoenix TrustedCore foundation delivers breakthrough capabilities

Built-in device defence: Digitally signed Core System Software updating and secure flashing over the internet are indispensable attributes for smart devices in a connected world rife with malicious hacker attacks. Phoenix TrustedCore delivers on this promise today, providing intrinsic device defense by defeating hostile attacks.

TrustedCore does this by delivering the industry's first authenticated and digitally signed Core System Software updating model as a basic feature of the product foundation.

Seamless device authentication for networked applications

Seamless device authentication to networks and networked applications is an indispensable platform attribute for smart devices in a connected world. Toward this end, Phoenix has provided a built-in cryptographic engine in its Phoenix TrustedCore Core System Software foundation that transforms the legacy BIOS concept from a root of intelligence to a root of trust to raise the level of security for connected devices managed within ActiveDirectory.

Modular development environment for firmware: Phoenix TrustedCore customization is implemented in the Core System Software industry's first Microsoft .NET-compatible development environment, Phoenix CoreArchitect.

CoreArchitect is built on the solid foundation of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and enables the seamless, drag and drop integration of both new Core System software initiatives like Intel EFI, with legacy BIOS building blocks into a single Core System Software foundation.This is a key requirement for Core System Software development in a connected world, providing the foundation for deep integration of network standards in Core System Software.

TrustConnector 2

Phoenix TrustConnector™ 2 prevents outside sources from using stolen user credentials and prevents authorized users from using uncontrolled and unsecured machines to access the network.

Phoenix TrustConnector 2 creates unique and secure identities for each x86 endpoint and then authenticates the identity each time a system attempts to connect to the network; only users authorized to use a particular device will be allowed network access. TrustConnector 2 incorporates device profile and authentication for virtual private networks (VPN), wireless access, and SSL-based network connections and certificate-aware applications. With TrustConnector 2 users can:

  • enable system-access policy enforcement;
  • improve the effectiveness of existing security infrastructure;
  • secure digital IDs to only work on the machine where they were created;
  • complement existing security infrastructure and investments.

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