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  • Fighting for the public, against ‘IT system failure’

    David Evans31st May 2017

    In recent weeks, the general public have seen hospitals turning away ambulances and airport terminals grinding to a halt because of confusing and murky ‘IT’ issues. The explanations for these events are increasingly unsatisfactory, if taken through the eyes of the general public. [Read more]

  • Autumn Statement survey results

    5th Dec 2016

    Following on from the Chancellor’s recent Autumn Statement in Parliament, BCS set up a survey to find out what people thought of the government’s statement. Out of the 312 people who took part, 97 per cent of them identifyed themselves as being BCS members. Here’s a top-level summary of what they had to say, put together by the BCS Community and Policy team. [Read more]

  • Hope for a new partnership in health and care IT

    David Evans8th Sep 2016

    Bob Wachter - a leading physician from the USA - is today presenting his recommendations for the digital future of the NHS in England. [Read more]

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