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  • When driving meets mobility meets big data

    Adam Davison4th Aug 2014

    Two interesting articles I saw in the news this week got me thinking about where things might go in the intersection between driving, IT and ethics. [Read more]

  • What should non-IT leaders understand about IT?

    Adam Davison10th Jun 2014

    It is not uncommon for non-IT executives, including ones to whom IT reports, to complain that they don’t really know what IT does and how it operates. This sort of comment is often intended as a veiled (or not so veiled) criticism of the CIO and/or IT department with an implication that the CIO isn’t doing enough to explain what he and his organisation does in a way that a layman can understand. [Read more]

  • Some thoughts on mobile working

    Adam Davison13th May 2014

    First of all, apologies to any readers of this blog for the long period since I last contributed anything. I’ve been engaged on a pretty intensive piece of freelance work over the last few months which, whilst it’s been good for the bank balance hasn’t been so good for doing other things. [Read more]

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