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  • Successful innovation: Is it an Art or a Science?

    Jude Umeh28th Mar 2018

    Shock, horror; learning STEM is not the answer! Well at least not according to Dr. Andy Harter in his thought provoking 2018 BCS/IET Turing Lecture. Thankfully, he also described the key qualities critical for success in the fourth industrial revolution. Read on to find out if you’ve got what it takes. [Read more]

  • The World Beyond Blockchain - Part 3/3: After the Storm

    Jude Umeh19th Mar 2018

    My 2 previous posts on this topic described: the perfect storm that has brought things to this point (part 1/3), and explored current and emerging trends (part 2/3). This final post reflects on what will most likely play out after all the dust has settled. [Read more]

  • The World Beyond Blockchain - Part 2/3: Eye of the Storm

    Jude Umeh16th Feb 2018

    Even as early as 2013, it was already clear the immense impact that Blockchain could have on: industries, individuals and society at large. Even as Bitcoin futures markets were launched in late 2017 (complete with cryptocurrency primer), and as the Bank of England considers introducing a UK cryptocurrrency, it is instructive to observe the speed at which things develop and evolve, almost on a daily basis. [Read more]

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