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BCS’s Group CEO casts his eye over IT, computer science, the role of the Institute in digital society and more.

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  • Going to No. 10: A reception with the PM & London Tech Week

    Paul Fletcher18th Jun 2018

    Paul Fletcher, BCS Group CEO, discusses a recent reception with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street as part of London Tech Week. [Read more]

  • Personal data

    Paul Fletcher8th Dec 2015

    From TalkTalk to VTech, it seems none of us are immune from cyber-attacks and personal data losses. It’s a problem for all those concerned whichever end of the breach you’re on; a customer whose details have been lost or a CEO facing the fact that your customers’ data is no longer secure. As a charity that wants to make IT good for society, we feel very strongly that there has to be a better way. [Read more]

  • Top 50 honour

    Paul Fletcher4th Dec 2015

    Yesterday I was named in the UKtech50. This is an honour. The UKtech50 is about recognising people who are driving the creation of a high-tech economy and who are influential. Influence is clearly a subjective thing, more about that later. [Read more]

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