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  • MyBCS: your questions answered

    Max Mazonowicz1st Aug 2017

    We held a preview of the new MyBCS for members of the Member Feedback Panel recently, and wanted to share the questions that were raised during that session, as well as our answers. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Member Feedback Panel, or joining then just login to MyBCS. [Read more]

  • MyBCS - a little more on something new

    Max Mazonowicz17th Jul 2017

    By now you might have read Lisa’s “T Rex or UX?” blog. If you haven’t head over there now to read a bit about how we’ve approached rebuilding the BCS member area. I’m going to expand on that somewhat and give just a little more detail on what you can expect when we launch the new MyBCS later in July. [Read more]

  • T Rex or UX?

    14th Jun 2017

    It’s easy to get stuck in the Jurassic age, to not evolve but you know what happened to the T Rex - extinction. And that’s what we all need to avoid and we think user experience is critical. Let me introduce myself - my name is Lisa, I work as an Innovation Manager here at BCS and I’m part of a team responsible for improving BCS membership product and services. [Read more]

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