How to Join

If you’re already a BCS member, visit our FACS page in MyBCS and join the group using the link provided.

If you are not already a BCS member, join today to gain access to BCS Specialist Groups. To join BCS, simply complete the online joining process. If we are unable to offer you the grade for which you apply we'll welcome you into membership at the grade for which you currently qualify.

In addition to the wide range of Specialist Groups on offer, BCS Membership brings a wealth of other member services and benefits. If you would like further information, please telephone Customer Service on +44(0)1793 417424 or 0845 300 4417 (UK). To email us visit

The membership rates are similarly available to members of the ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, the IEE and other national Computing Societies with which the BCS has reciprocal membership arrangements; a full list of these societies is available here.