As the Chartered Institute for IT, we are offering Senior and Lead CCP applicants the opportunity to be assessed for Chartered IT Professional status as part of their CCP Scheme application.

How do I apply?

To apply for CITP status via the CCP fast track route you must apply for CCP certification at Senior or Lead Level. You will need to indicate within the CCP Written Submission form that you wish to apply for CITP.

You must ensure your written submission and supporting evidence demonstrate that you meet the criteria for your CCP role/level, as well as demonstrate how you meet the CITP criteria.

What is the application process?

Your application for CCP will proceed as per the normal CCP application process. Your eligibility for CITP will be considered during your CCP interview where the CITP assessment stage 1 (initial review) and stage 2 (assessment interview) will take place simultaneously. Upon successful completion of your CCP application, if the assessors determine you meet CITP criteria you will also be successful in stages 1 and 2 of the CITP application process.

What fees are involved?

You will be charged as per the normal fee structure for your CCP application Once you have successfully completed your CCP application we will contact you to take payment of the CITP application fee (payment is required before we can progress any further with your CITP application).

Existing BCS Members: You will need to pay an application fee. The CITP membership will be payable on your normal membership renewal date after you have been successful in achieving CITP status.

New BCS Members: If you are not a member of BCS you will need to pay a CITP membership subscription fee as well as an application fee.

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