We have assessed The Open Group’s Certified Architect and Certified IT Specialist certifications and are satisfied that the criteria and processes established by The Open Group meet the level of experience and competence demanded for CITP status.

Applicants will need to be a Professional member of BCS, or become one through their fast track application. They’ll also be assessed for a breadth of knowledge which allows them to communicate and work with specialists across the IT profession.

The Open Group Certified Architect:

  • Master (level 2)
  • Distinguished (level 3)

The Open Group Certified IT Specialist: 

  • Master (level 2)
  • Distinguished (level 3)

Certificates must have a minimum of six months validity from the date of application.

How to apply

To apply for CITP status via The Open Group Fast Track scheme, you must hold one of the certifications included in the scheme, and your certificate must have six months of validity from the date you apply.

To submit an application, please download the form below and send to us with an authenticated copy of the relevant certificate - a photocopy or scan signed by a work colleague and giving their name and position, will suffice.

Once your application has been received and checked by our team we will contact you to guide you through the next steps.

CITP - The Open Group fast track - Application form (PDF)
CITP - The Open Group fast track - Application form (MS-Word)


Existing BCS members: You will need to pay an application fee. The CITP membership subscription will be payable on your normal membership renewal date after you have been successful in achieving CITP status.

New BCS members: If you are not a member of BCS you will need to pay a CITP membership subscription fee as well as an application fee.

View our latest membership fees

More details on payment methods can be found on the application form.


Membership Subscription Fee: Refunds will be made to non members if your CITP application is unsuccessful. The refund will be for the difference between the Chartered membership subscription fee and the fee for the grade awarded.

Application Fee: The application fee is non-refundable.