Forum events

Events are organised for members by the committee, sometimes in conjunction with other groups or organisations, and sometimes with the help of sponsors. The aim is to select topics which are relevant to members and suggestions for events and speakers are always welcome. Events have traditionally been held in London and the regions with the purpose of providing networking opportunities but increasingly more events are virtual allowing more members to participate. A major BCS IT Leaders event is planned for 2021. Details of all Forum events.

Forum papers

From time to time the Forum will publish papers on topics that offer useful insights that may be of benefit to others in the industry. Papers may be collaborations or from individual members and by sometimes using professional writers it is easy for busy people to get involved. Involvement is encouraged and we would like to hear from from any member that feels they have something to contribute, please email us at

The Forum LinkedIn group

Our LinkedIn group is open to all members of the BCS IT Leaders Forum. Also, as the membership criteria are the same, any IT leader who meets the BCS IT Leaders Forum membership criteria (see below) is welcome to apply to join this social network group. This is one method by which the group communicates with its members, the other main method being by email. You can also follow us on Twitter @bcs_it_leaders.

Forum membership

Forum membership is open to all BCS Fellows and anyone responsible for or influential upon the leadership of IT who has attained at least fellowship in their professional institutes (FBCS or equivalent, e.g. SFIA+ Level 7), or is nominated by three current Committee members in good standing. Applicants are likely to have 5 years’ experience as an IT leader. Applications are considered under three categories of IT leadership; for more information on how applications are evaluated, download the BCS IT Leaders Forum Membership Evaluation Criteria document.

To apply for membership of the BCS IT Leaders Forum please send your request, your BCS membership number if you have one, and a copy of your current CV to